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Best of Istanbul Fashion Week Street Style

picture_1080p-219361 picture_1080p-219467 picture_1080p-219485Not everybody knows that (some) ladies of Istanbul have a great sense of personal style, as a matter of fact one may guess looking at Ece Sükan or Konca Aykan (to name a few, most popular editors known for their impeccable taste) – but I wanted to share some of the most beautiful snaps from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Istanbul to show the world how great we can do it.

Actually, the street style scene of fashion week is my least favourite of all – the women who want to show off pick their upmost tacky and sparkling outfits (more often than not, sense of chic is confused with over dressing or jumping on the leather leggings – high heel pumps bandwagon in Istanbul) making this fun game unappealing to everybody. I like the original Istanbul style at nights on the streets, at festivals, at the chichest cafes in the mornings. But I have to hand it to the fashion week this year, there are some inspirational looks not just from the most famous editors and bloggers, but also from other showgoers.

There is still a long road ahead of Turkey (and Istanbul) to establish a style code – both in terms of “on the streets” and “on the catwalk” but all these improvements are planting hope seeds in my soul. Here’s to all the truly fashionable ladies of Istanbul!

406392_10151495576514787_1354945619_n 483857_10151495576369787_744544554_n 487419_10151501271179787_799211038_n 577864_10151495570929787_1303360399_n picture_1080p-219360 26331_10151501271264787_213607145_n picture_1080p-219362 picture_1080p-219372 picture_1080p-219396 picture_1080p-219472 picture_1080p-219473 picture_1080p-219478picture_1080p-219463picture_1080p-219793 picture_1080p-219806 picture_1080p-219790image sources: zelfist,


  1. Thanks for posting this! I feel ignorant, but I had NO idea that Istanbul was such an up and coming style city. I’m loving the street style in your pics – I will definitely be paying closer attention to Istanbul in the upcoming seasons! Love discovering new things 🙂

    x the fabulous life of a natural disaster

  2. katiencarr says

    I have a coat similar to the top one, but in an army green and I never have a chance to wear it anywhere because the city I live in is still into the fur hooded parka phase and I would stick out like a soar thumb. Because of your photo, I think that I might wear out this weekend though!

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  4. I totally agree, the fashion ‘scene’ in Istanbul and Turkey in general is somewhat overlooked. Maybe it’s the fast paced lifestyle, the economic unpredictability or the government issues?… I adore Istanbul and hope to see more talent creeping through…

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