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My Little Pony

tfmelif8.jpg tfmelif11.jpg tfmelifshoes.jpgNo my ponies are really little. Like 30 cm little. But you know what they say; it’s not the size that matters. They sweep me off my feet (literally, heel is high and without any platform support I feel like flying in economy class – and figuratively because I feel kinda great whenever I’m wearing them) and are so fantasticly weird. I wish I had that nonchalant wibe and could wear them with simple black jeans and a white tee – à la Erin Wasson – but right now my frilly skirt would do I think. I don’t know if I’ll ever be one of the cool kids.

tfmelif.jpg tfmelif10.jpgZara white oversized sweatshirt & frilly skirt and b&w sunglasses, vintage black long coat, H&M graphic design scarf, Choies ponyhair boots


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