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Balenciaga F/W 2013-14

05_ON_0036.450x675 43_ON_0432.450x675 57_ON_0609.450x675The moment we have all been waiting for has arrived yesterday morning: Alexander Wang’s debut collection at Balenciaga. Now we are accustomed to designer switches at big fashion houses lately; Dior, Jil Sander, YSL (oh sorry SLP) so there were no butterflies on our stomach or anything – but the question was big: Could a young American designer (who is known for his upscale urban style) fill Nicolas Ghesquiere’s shoes, at the house of Christobal Balenciaga (whom Christian Dior described as “the master of us all”)? If you ask me the shoes fit for now; we’ll see if he can walk in them.

Alexander Wang started creating this collection in January, which is an insanely short period of time (it is 50 times harder than those crazy Project Runway episodes) so I have to give him the credit for that. He said that he is going to turn to the roots – just like Raf Simons did when he was appointed as creative director at Dior – and that he did. He artfully brought back the original Balenciaga shapes to life with an upmost modernity. Or lets say it was just Alexander Wang with a tough Parisien wibe. Whatever you call it, the collection is good. Maybe even great for a debut. It’s not ground breaking, but its promising. I can not say that I will not miss Ghesquiere’s touch – he was unequalled, but fashion is all about change and I’m sure that this texture genius will start a new era which we will all be greatful in the future.

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