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Trussardi F/W 2013-14

_TRU0036.450x675 _TRU0088.450x675 _TRU0116.450x675I love make overs. I love come backs. I love challanges. And I love reincarnations of brands. (Isn’t it one of the reasons we worship Celine?) It took 4 seasons for the genious behind Trussardi, Ümit Benan, to tailor his impeccable sartorial skills and daring masculine forms to a womanswear brand and put his superb designs into the service of womankind; but at the end, everybody won. It combines the mastership of leather (from the roots of Trussardi) and the menswear for women motto (from Ümit Benan’s eponymous brand); with a more relaxed and wearable style. Watch out guys, we have our own Benan now. Edit: Umit Benan just announced that he no longer works for Trussardi.

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