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Fresh Air Rips

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I had been dying to wear my ripped jeans in winter (I wore them a lot in summer, just couldn’t quite figure out how to fit them to wintertime) and I gave them a shot after I bought the full lenght coat. Oh, I’m sorry this post shouldn’t be about the jeans, it should be about this gorgeous coat that I’ve bought dirt cheap. Guess? No guesses? It was $18. I’ve been searching for a loose, full lenght black coat for over 3 years, and I’ve found it here in Montréal for $18! I bought it from Eva B., a two story second hand & vintage sanctuary which I’m pretty sure that everybody living in this city already knows. Please do not go and buy the rest of the coats, I’m going to get them all. Seriously.

thefashionmedleyripped2 thefashionmedleyripped5

Beanie,white shirt, leather gloves and black boots H&M, black short sleeved turtleneck and bag Zara, ripped jeans Asos, black coat vintage


  1. I just pulled my ripped jeans out of the cupboard and packed them to wear this weekend on my quick trip to LA. I haven’t worn mine for ages too for similar reasons but its expected to be warm in LA tomoro. LOVE the jacket too. bargain 🙂

  2. This outfit is amazing! Love your style. Heading to Japan (from Australia) soon and its going to be cold. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

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