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Clandestine Tangerine

altuzarra lacoste ragbone

Tangerine is popping out from everywhere in NYFW; on the runway (Altuzarra, Lacoste, Rag&Bone to name a few) and on the streets. It is a genious way to add some light and color to the otherwise boring winter outfits if you can not wear any other color than black, white or gray – like me.

Margaret Zhang

Margaret Zhang (from the blog Shine By Three) is one of my favourite street style stars so far. She looks so sharp and cute at the same time with her neoprene white and orange sweatshirt (the white shades are definately a +++)

Runway image sources, margaret zhang’s photo is from the cut


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  2. Reblogged this on Just Fed The Models and commented:
    I’m so glad that shades of orange are staying strong. I’m really hoping there’s more for menswear, because what’s hotter than a pair of tangerine drawstring pants on a guy(probably a lot, but I’m gay and born that way)? Great post xD

  3. I really like this shade of orange. I think it can tend to be too overpowering (especially on smaller people like me) but I love how in these outfits it is used as the “pop” of color. Always nice to get some new ideas for how to spice up your wardrobe. 🙂

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