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Beanie Meenie Miney Mo

05c7ec39ae3e78d0_New_York_str_RF13_3071.xxxlarge image007 hbz-street-style-nyfw-020813-21-lgnI was going to ignore New York Fashion Week and pretend it doesn’t exist at all, till the god damn Nemo (it has such a sweet name, I can’t bare to curse it) goes away and lets me get to New York! I should have been on the road right now, but instead I am at home jumping from one site to another, hoping to find evidence that people are not having THAT much fun in New York. I don’t know how everything was today, besides some Instagram shots and Twitter comments, but it seems from the first street style photo batches that everything was OK yesterday.

As much as I hate snow (storms especially) and winter, what I like the most about street style of this NYFW is it actually gives us some tips on how to dress up in heavy weather conditions like this. In another saying, it justifies my everyday polar bear look. Particularly the fur hats and beanies which are my everyday saviors. So there goes; first street style trend of the season.

hbz-street-style-nyfw-020813-18-lgn1302072177_hg_full_l hbz-street-style-nyfw-020813-03-lgn hbz-street-style-nyfw-020813-04-lgn

image sources:, harpers bazaar us,, popsugar


  1. best thing about winter dressing is being able to bring out the fur! always brings instant glamour.

    check out my blog everyone 🙂

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