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Grunge Trial

thefashionmedleygrunge thefashionmedleygrunge2 thefashionmedleygrunge3I wanted to assuage my grunge fewer (see post below) but the only grungy item I could pull of right now was this plaid shirt (and the beanie maybe?). If I go all sloppy it’s more than likely that I will look like a real homeless (though surely I would blend in, no offense Montréal) rather than grunge chic. So instead; I, once again, wore every kind of layer I could and justified the look by slipping in the good old tartan and calling it “no no, this is not ridiculous. this is grunge”. Oh Canada, the things you make me do.

thefashionmedleygrunge4 thefashionmedleygrunge5 thefashionmedleygrunge6

T-shirt is from Zara; plaid shirt and leather jacket are from Topshop; coat is vintage; jeans are from Stradivarius; fur beanie, chunky necklace and black boots are from H&M


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