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Moments of Couture

24potm-Elie-Saab-slide-HYKL-jumbo 23potm-armaniprive-slide-6EVI-jumbo 24potm-margiela-slide-1SCX-jumboParis couture week is over, but the glory of the catwalk (which reaches its peek at couture shows, naturally) still has me under its spell. Thanks to NY Times Fashion blog – which always captures the most gorgeous photos of unexpected moments and details with perfect lighting and colors – we can keep on living the dream for a little while longer.

22potm-dior-slide-64CU-jumbo 22potm-dior-slide-GLDI-jumbo 22potm-dior-slide-LW7I-jumbo 23potm-armaniprive-slide-5796-jumbo 23potm-armaniprive-slide-NMJC-jumbo 23potm-chanel-slide-4QMX-jumbo 23potm-chanel-slide-IDY8-jumbo 24potm-bjarrar-slide-ACRK-jumbo 24potm-bjarrar-slide-BPMX-jumbo 24potm-Elie-Saab-slide-P8DJ-jumbo 24potm-margiela-slide-M3ZE-jumbo 25potm-valentino-slide-5ZK8-jumbo 25potm-valentino-slide-28X2-jumbo

source: ny times

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