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Layer Cake

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As most of you know, the weather dropped down to -30 (and it felt even lower sometimes) here in Montreal last week; probably due to a cold weather stream because I heard that New York was freezing as well. It got better a couple of days later (by better I mean around -15!) which means I could switch to my day time-homo sapien clothes but still with the necessity of wearing one over another (I can hear my mom’s ears burning – “wearing 5 thin garments over eachother doesn’t form a winter outfit dear”). As much as I know that; there are some situations which forces you to wear a thermal undergarment, a tee, a shirt, a sweater and a cosy coat all at the same time. That situation is called Canada, appearently.

“Art is a way of survival” tee, skirt (see similar styles here, here and here) and boots (see similar style here) from Zara, silk shirt from Mango, cropped sweater (ses similar style here) and leather gloves from H&M, feathered coat was from a boutique in Milan (see similar style here), oversized gray clutch is vintage, sunglasses are from Topshop

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Domus Academy MA Fashion Management graduate. Living in Montréal, Quebec. Fashion marketing and PR specialist. Photography & illustration & fine arts enthusiast. Shopaholic, vintage freak, cookie monster.


    • oh it makes me so happy that you think I look cute, I do not feel cute at all – the weather keeps bumming me out 😦

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