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Fifty Shades of Grizzle

I’m so sorry for caving in and naming my post fifty shades of something, I’ve promised myself not to do that ever. But after putting on everything tweed, gray, herringbone etc I can find, what other option did I have? At least I read the trilogy and even though I think it’s success is overrated and there is no characteristical nor plot substructure, I enjoyed it whilst reading, so there.

Speking of books about S&M relationships – hence sex and eventually babies, I just heard the big news (that absolutely is none of my concern) and I dedicate this post to Kate Middleton and Prince William’s baby on the way (?!) because my sweater is so big and comfy that I’m sure a pregnant lady would be soo comfotable in it? (referring to a current issue to attract attention when there is absolutely no other story to tell)



Grey sweater, Herringbone coat and Leather biker boots Mango, Scarf hand knitted, Leather gjufdloves H&M


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