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Somewhere Under my Umbrella

This post features two purchases from last few years that I’m most proud of, the Zara Studio skirt and Zara (yes I own half of the company) high heeled boots. The reason I love them so much is they are extremely basic yet both have a little edge and even after 2 years or so; they are helping me stifle my shopaholic attacks. Why? Because the skirt goes so well with the asymmetrical a-line mini trend bomb Proenza has dropped on us and the boots resemble (ok, only a little, but it counts) the impossible to get Givenchy leather shaft knee boots this season.

Moral of the post; NEVER throw anything away as long as they fit you and are qualified enough to survive some years.

white shirt H&M, turtleneck sweater Oysho, skirt & boots & bag Zara, coat Mango, umbrella Ferré


    • Yeah I’ve read it and signed the petition today, hopefully Zara (I mean Inditex) will take action soon. It’s a shame to be exposed to such harmful chemicals because as a person who has to live on a budget – I can not think of a world without Zara or H&M. Its unbelievable that legal authorities did not take any action against these brands and it is just when Greenpeace points to the issue – we recognize it. I guess it is true that money rules the world, not human rights or health and such. Disappointing and alarming news…

      • True when you are on a budget these store do help out. It is very sad that money rules the world but I’m sure someday we’ll pass, so long as we keep fighting. 🙂

  1. moonstonesandmocha says

    These boots are amazing! Hoping Zara puts out another version soon. You look great in the photo, very cute.

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