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Street Fashion – London Edition

Wasn’t London the city that the street fashion lives no matter what season it is – unlike Milan? Always showcasing THE most outrageous outfits, pumping blood to the veins, getting everybody more excited about the aspect of design and making people learn how to make fun with fashion? It is not the torchbearer anymore, appearently. Of course there was the vintage soul, as ever, and Jasmin Sewell saved my day with her amazing skirts one more time. But it made me wonder, what would the people be wearing if it weren’t for Givenchy boots and J.W. Anderson for Topshop collection, which launced only days before LFW? I am not seeing so much diversity this time. Still, its always joyful to stroll through fashion week street style snaps. Here are the ones I picked as the most delightful from London:

sources:,, harpers bazaar, the cut, vogue, team peter stigter


  1. This post is really interesting for me. I live just outside London, so whenever I go up there I feel as though I need to make a little more effort and be ‘London style’. I have a few friends who either used to live there or who have moved now, and their style is different because of it. And I love walking around London looking at so many different people’s styles as I come from quite a small place, so it is always going to be different for me. But now you’ve said it, things are getting a little bit less outrageous and the big brands are taking over! Bring back some real originality maybe!

    • My thoughts exactly! Whenever I went to London the natural creativity of the street style amazed me. It was like a never ending fashion show that my camera could not keep up with. Now it is much more dull – still fashionable of course – but not in the way that triggers my inner fashionista:) Hopefully this is just a fashion week – I must get photographed – thing and will turn back to normal.

      • I’m sure it will. I think it is easier to play it safe and get photographed rather than risk people thinking you look awful! But London will be forever fashionable!

      • Of course! Well -almost- none of these people do actually live in London anyway, they are just editors, buyers of bloggers that are visiting for fashion week.

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  3. You picked some great street style shots here. I thought London still did as well as they have done with a very diverse and often colorful style. More so than NYC ever seems to, and I love London for it.

    What a really great blog – a nice find for me today! Let me see if I can find you on Twitter too.

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