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Selachophobic Fashion

Happy Shark Week! I have no idea why the hell we are celebrating such a week (and its been 25 years now, thanks to Discovery Channel!) to honour the sharks or to raise the awareness to shark danger?! Anybody knows why please leave a comment!

I don’t have time to dig in and question the logic behind it, but what I can do – is to use the opportunity to grace one of my favourite trends – the shark tooth! (and the shark print that comes along with it) As all weird trends, this one is coming from Richardo Tisci too – the Givenchy S/S 2012 show was like a romantic Jaws set.

Great White Art Print by Chase Kunz (10″ X 8″)

1) Gold Shark Tooth Necklace – $45.00

2) Givenchy Black Charlinette Shark Tooth Heels – $1043.00

3) Dezso Petite Shark Tooth Studs – $320.00

4) Shark Print Tank Top – $15.99

5) Blackmilk Shark vs Mermaid Swimsuit – AUD$90.00

6) Shark Bookends – $44.99

7) Samudra Moorea Sharks Pouch – $60.00

8) Dezso Fossil Wood Carved Shark Bracelet – $335.00

9) Givenchy Leather Wedge Ankle Boots – $1450.00

10) Givenchy Shark Print Cotton Sweatshirt – €315.00

11) OBEY Shark Jaw Ring – $28.00

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