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Monique Péan Jewelry

Made from from fossilised woolly mammoth ivory and recycled gold, Péan’s desirable, contemporary pieces of jewelry are all sustainable and glamorous.

Péan’s influences come from all over the world, from native Alaskan artists, to Peruvian miners, to pearl farmers in French Polynesia. It was in the Arctic Circle where Péan actually discovered her signature material, fossilized woolly mammoth ivory, on a small island near the Bering Straight. Péan works closely with the local artisans to make sure that they aren’t exploited in the production process, as well as ensuring her products are one-of-a-kind. She’s also a fan of using antique gems and hand cut diamonds, which are of course conflict and devastation free. They might have imperfections, but they’re a lot more personal and intimate than machine cut stones.

The gold in Péan’s jewellery is all recycled too, as Péan is all too aware of how much damage gold mining causes to the surrounding environment. Characterized by modern design, clean lines and infusions of rich color, Péan’s pieces are handmade in New York City by top craftsmen.

The company was selected as one of the recipients of the coveted CFDA/ Vogue Fashion Fund award in 2009 and won the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation Award for Accessories that same year.

source: monique péan

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