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Isabell Yalda Hellysaz F/W 2012

With Swedish/Persian roots, Isabell Yalda Hellysaz is a recently graduated fashion designer from the London College of Fashion. Moving into the industry as a previous graphic design graduate, Hellysaz showcased her first collection for Fall 2012, at the London College of Fashion Press Runway Show in June 2012.

Hellysaz wants to explore a more human alternative and concentrate on the things that are essential in fashion, such as fabrics, crafts and details. Inspired by many things in life, Hellysaz’s style is minimal, and her designs mix feminine and masculine shapes.

Fall/ Winter 2012 minimal collection explores mobility within comfortable tailored clothes. Inspired by a range of German Second World War uniforms, where masculine shapes influenced the designs. The designer also drew inspiration from space age images, which led her to experiment and develop her own futuristic feel onto fabrics using special machinery such as Tanaka.

source: we are selecters

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