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Juliette Larthe’s Spitalfields Home

Juliette Larthe is the muse of British brand Preen, founded in 1996 in a small boutique in London’s Portobello market by Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi. She is a producer who is now responsible for helming the creative direction and execution for all of the brand’s runway shows.

Why Larthe? “She is honest, fresh, exciting and cool through and through,” said Thornton and Bregazzi. “We love that she takes risks but is reliable, we love that she is fun but very serious, we love that she has the best time at every party but is up with the kids for school every day. She is the ‘modern woman.’”

The juxtaposition between the Hepburn-cut of the dress with the 21st century pattern and the 50s design are altogether ideal for a summer cocktail party. I may not get the chance to wear it at the aforementioned, so I will wear it on my next shoot.

My children’s godmother, Annabelle Neilson, gave me these wonders straight from Lee’s show. Lee was a gift; his talent was unmatched, his heart unrivaled. Annabelle was his best friend and in another life, I am sure they’d have been married.

The bathroom was put together from salvage pieces around the Kingdom. It’s been so much fun exploring the history of the house and combining modern (in relation to the building) plumbing artifacts with a more historical feel. This dress is a beautiful piece hand-embroidered in India, and it combines ancient traditions with a contemporary style.

These cannonballs are from Sir Walter Raleigh’s estate, dredged from the River Dart, and a couple have impact marks on them. The smaller ones are the musket balls from the same area and period. The Margiela shoes I got from a wonderful eclectic shop called They sell everything from vintage Margiela to current Gareth Pugh pieces.

Justin and Thea are so clever with texture and print—so brilliantly researched. I am so mad for designers who don’t have a huge company backing them. Until a year ago, everything Preen did was made in London. I love the brilliance of the texture on leather and the colour of the print.

Justin and Thea have been a complete inspiration, and to be a part of Preen is a treasured thing. Every day I wake up and count my blessings. They have been dressing me for thirteen years, bringing a different perspective to women’s wear that combines an architectural graphical edge with a feminine delicateness. One of their best pieces of advice to me was to wear all my wardrobe pieces at any time—for the ‘major’ frocks to be worn during the day with a shirt or a T-shirt. Belt up, layer and go forth. Change the world one Preen dress at a time.

These are my favourite pants ever. Behind them is a homage to the spaceman. The image is Buzz Aldrin taken by Neil Armstrong, and again re-appropriated by Warhol. The silver pants and the studded lace pants are as rock & roll as the image—and my boyfriend.

This dress is inspired by the Kyoto Geisha dresses from Japan. It’s silk and it’s so sheer that you always have to wear a piece underneath it. It’s accompanied by some of the smaller designs made by my Lego-obsessed son, Hank. They are flanked by curtains I made for him.

source: the coveteur

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