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Kyle DeWoody’s Playful NY Apartment

Kyle DeWoody is a 27-year-old creative director and cofounder of the art-meets-design store Grey Area. Her colorful apartment, situated in New York’s Greenwich Village, boasts a mix of designer pieces and discount, flea-market finds with an emphasis on modern lines, metals, and art. “Every apartment I lived in has developed differently.”

“I bought the bar cart for $75 in New Jersey, and I also bought a matching magazine rack to hold my records,” DeWoody says of this area, which boasts a considerable portion of her art collection.

“I grew up in two different homes. One was my father’s nice, slightly bourgeois apartment with Biedermeier furniture and nineteenth-century oil paintings that he mixed in with his own work. Then there was my mother’s house, which was like Auntie Mame on an art high (if you don’t know the reference, you have to see the 1958 film),” explains DeWoody of her living room’s influence. “I would say the place I’ve created for myself has the energy and enthusiasm of my mother’s, but the warmth and homeyness of my father’s place. I find most of my furniture at antique stores, or I borrow things from my mom’s warehouse, BRD. But, if it’s not secondhand, it’s Tom Dixon from ABC Home.”

“I like to mix modern and vintage throughout my apartment,” she says. “In this room, Donna Wilson pillows from The Future Perfect sit on a 1950s sofa.”

“It’s an intriguing thing, the relationship between what we do for a living and how we live,” DeWoody says.

A Tom Dixon copper-shade pendant lamp hangs over the teak table in DeWoody’s sunny dining room—a spot that sees a lot of use despite DeWoody’s lack of interest in cooking. 

When installing art, I like to create little stories to connect works through subject, material, or color,” she says of her brightly adorned walls.

“I really dig costume and antique jewelry, especially big pieces. Looking for them satisfies the same urges as collecting objets does, with the added benefit of being wearable.” 

source: vogue

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