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Inside the Freakish Accessory World of Marina Larroudé

Larroudé, market director of, grew up in the Brazilian cities of Araçatuba and São Paulo, where she started her career as a contributing editor for Vogue Brazil. Her coveted closet collection has been a work in progress for a long time, boasting treasures from around the world, along with a slew of pieces passed down from her mother.

She has an impeccable eye for the unique, but she’s really drawn to a “single sole, which is beautifully made.” Her go-to brands? Gianvito Rossi, Manolo, Céline and Roger Vivier.

 Larroudé has a serious passion for organization, which lends to her keen sense of style. “I’m OCD when it comes to my closet,” she confessed. “Pretty much every Saturday I re-order things back into place.” Some people spend Saturdays sleeping in, and some spend them keeping their closet clean…to each their own, right?

 I like to keep everything by colour, dresses on one side, skirts on the other, T-shirts, sweaters, and denim in the drawers, and I’m also obsessed with hangers. Beside my metal skirt hangers, everything else is wood and monogrammed—crazy, I know.

Jewellery on the right and belts on the left. Meredith Wendell does the most special belts in the market—I have a collection of them. J. Crew has some fun ones in metallics, neons, and leopards prints, and at a very good price. For jewellery, my list of designers is endless, but it definitely starts with Eddie Borgo, Herve Van der Straeten, and Tom Binns.

In my first drawer: fun clutches and a few CHANEL bags. The white one used to belong to my mother, and I borrowed it almost a decade ago for my honeymoon but never returned it. The black one I bought the first time I went to Europe for the men’s shows; I still want to get one in a bright colour.

This is my Coloured Sweaters drawer; Chinti and Parker does the most cozy and special cashmeres, Markus Lupfer does playful like no on else, and J. Crew and Uniqlo are my go-to brands when it’s time to stock up!

And here is my Grey Sweater Drawer: Super-fuzzy from Theory, argyle from rag & bone, a spiked collar style from Maje, basics from Proenza, Uniqlo, and J. Crew, lace from Sandro.

I don’t think I own a pair of ballerinas at the moment. When it comes to flats, I either wear Roger Viviers or loafers.

Pumps! I’ve been living in them. I bought the beige and pink pair at the Christian Louboutin sample sale and the purple suede ones are CH Carolina Herrera—and are beyond comfortable. CH does these pumps in every colour, and the price is not as crazy as most other brands.

I’m crazy for printed pants, what else can I say? I like the contrast of the Phillip Lim tie-dye pants and the polka-dot Miu Miu pair against my daughter Gloria’s pink rug.

My mom always says that I’ve loved pink shoes since I was a kid, and I guess it never changed!

This picture is so goth! The pink furry sandals are Gianvito Rossi. I got them when I was in Europe for the shows, and when I came back home my husband was like, “What’s that? Is that for you to wear inside or outside the house?” The green booties were a find at a Manolo sample sale, and I was convinced I had to have them. I only wore them twice, but I like the way they look. Sara Battaglia’s clutch used to be a real Bible—it’s all handmade. The Gianvito Rossi pump was best described by the man himself as a “winter cocktail shoe.”

My vintage Bulgari watch was a present from my husband. The gold cuff is Herve Van Der Straeten—I adore his jewellery and furniture. The Louis Vuitton bag I bought after saving all my money from freelance jobs when I was still working in Brazil.

Mary Katrantzou does prints like no one else. I pre-ordered this dress and got so excited when it finally arrived six moths later! Rosa Cha’s mini bag is from a time when they used to show in New York and I used to help them with the shows; it left the runway and went straight to my house. 

This Versace for H&M leather-studded dress was love at first sight. I drove the P.R. girl crazy saying how much I had to have it! Me and a couple of other editors went to the press shopping event Friday night and she had set my size aside. I’m a leopard print girl, and always have been. The white and black dress is Dolce & Gabbana.

source: the coveteur

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