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When Ink Meets Bling

It was just one of those days I was surfing through the web – pinterest mostly, drooling over the jewelry I found and panting after the gorgeous photos of piercings (damn you Givenchy Couture) and tattoos. Then I stumbled upon Fresh Trends, a retailer offering fine jewelry, rings, earrings & bracelets for really reasonable prices in addition to having an amaazingly huge collection of body jewelry including cartilage earrings, nose rings, belly button jewelry, eyebrow rings, navel rings & tragus earrings… whatever you can imagine!

 It took me back to the days that my two best friends pierced their belly buttons in high school which resulted in me freaking out of jealousy (and fainting a little). I find body piercings incredibly hot but I don’t think that I can ever do it. Anyways, I have also been looking for the perfect toe ring everywhere, which I’m sure you can also find at Fresh Trends from their almost 200 piece toe ring collection. They have diamond toe rings for crying out loud!

 Anyways, I think it’s time for an inspiration board.

(i really do not know the sources of these images, if anyone knows or owns them please let me know!)

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