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Don’t Stop, Crop all the Tops

This season took me back to my childhood, when I was so little (in the late 80s-early 90s) and dreaming of wearing open belly shirts when I grow up – which ended in my grandma getting angry at me when I verbalized this demand because of wanting “naughty” things. Lucky for her, I had no problem hiding my belly (in the city at least) for 20 years. Thank god she is still alive, and has to face the fact that her -still- little granddaughter will show some skin this summer because I simply can not resist the bralette & crop tops all around me!

Maybe its better to wear it while the weather is still chilly, wrapping something around makes the look less edgy and more wearable – taking %80 of the curious, judgmental and perverted looks off you. I am sorry for being so blunt but you have to see where I live in order to understand it.

Here are some awesome bralettes I’ve found, all with reasonable prices. It goes without saying that I adooore the white leather and the jacquard bras!

1) Buckled Leather Bustier – $158.00

2) ASOS PREMIUM Bralette With Heavy Beading – £55.00

3) ASOS Bra Top With Gingham Print – £25.00

4) Lianna Stripe Bustier – $48.00

5) ASOS REVIVE Leather Bra – £60.00

6) TOPSHOP Swan Cutout Bralet – £26.00

7) TOPSHOP Scarf Print Zip Bralet – £18.00

8) Free People Garden Lace Crop Bra – $38.00

9) ASOS Bra Top With Jacquard – £25.00

10) Lipsy Graphic Bra Top – £28.00

11) Free People Stretchy Ribbed High Neck Bra – $38.00

12) Denim Bustier – $80.00

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