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Marais & Tour Eiffel

Two most unrelated locations in Paris and I’m in both of them same day. Marais is my heaven (as it would be for most of you) tiny linked streets filled with boutiques, shops, vintage shops, cafes, restaurants, street singers… But there are some realities in life called 1)being broke 2)parents getting tired of walking so we headed to Eiffel to lay down in the park and enjoy the sun which may fool you into believing that the weather is hot but its NOT! Hence the double jackets.

I love Paris more than any other country/city in the world but I’m starting to miss my home, wardrobe and fancier outfits. If only I can move here for good… The “only” problem is the language and for those of you who don’t know me I like to learn the language after it becomes useless. Just like I learned Italian right after I moved back from Milan. Now I know one more foreign language which isn’t helping me to relocate to neither Montreal nor Paris. Bonjour to the long years of learning French.


  1. Amazing! Do you mind if I share your photo? Including your credits of course 🙂


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