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It’s Not Easy Being Green

I don’t live in the countryside, I really don’t. I think I just take my camera with me whenever I am going “verdure”.

Pink corduroy pants are from Stradivarius, jacket&shoes Topshop and the necklace is vintage.


  1. Love the camel blazer! have been looking for one everywhere… and never would’ve thought to team it with pink cords, nice!

  2. your outfit is just perfection. White button ups and statement necklaces is my favorite look of all time. Well done, my dear!

  3. So why do people “like” and not comment? …what made you press the like button? Personally, I think that fashion is trash and I just randomly found this page; but, still…

  4. Love the casual nature of the look even though it is made of very classic pieces. The bling at the neck finishes the look perfectly.

  5. I was trying to work out whether this was fashion of today or the yesterdays. Great photos and I love the vintage look and feel of them

  6. I’m new to your blog & really liked your pics, so please excuse me if you’ve already answered this question somewhere else… Do you take your pictures with a tripod or does someone else take them?

  7. lijiujiu says

    Althoigh the necklace is vintage, it’s very fashion when you take it….

  8. briella says

    Wonderful outfit , in love!! Following your blog, so glad I came across it.

  9. Wore Out says

    Love the colors you incorporated into this outfit. I agree with many of the commenters above that these photos look like they could have come out of a 70’s editorial spread or something shot for Urban’s newest catelog. Bravo!

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