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Color Blocking, Mondrian Style


Piet Mondrian (March 7, 1872 – February 1, 1944) was a Dutch painter who evolved a non-representational form which he termed Neo-Plasticism. This consisted of white ground, upon which was painted a grid of vertical and horizontal black lines and the three primary colors. Having inspired so many artists and designers, his artwork which he generally named “composition” one after another, can be deemed as one of the most revealing and era defining pieces of history. Yves Saint Laurent is definately no exception to those artists, creating a collection of dresses in 1965 which were basically Mondrian on texture. “That” dress is still displayed at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, with the definition : “As the sack dress evolved in the 1960s into the modified form of the shift, Saint Laurent realized that the planarity of the dress was an ideal field for color blocks. Knowing the flat planes of the 1960s canvases achieved by contemporary artists in the lineage of Mondrian, Saint Laurent made the historical case for the artistic sensibility of his time. ”

Color blocking has always been a trend in fashion that emerges once in a while since the cubism and pop art movements, and this season is one of them. Of course there are many ways to block your colors – let it be layering or patchworking – but I want to restrict my search to Mondrian style, blocks of color with black stripes:

1) Color Block Oversized Unisex Jumper (80s) – Auction (current price $24.99)

2) Color Block Mohair Batwing Knit Sweater (80s) – $88.00 (or best offer)

3) Patent Leather Handbag with Mondrian Print (60s) – $109.99 (or best offer)

4) Van Eli Mondrian Pump (80s) – $48.00

5) Avant Garde Color Block Angora Sweater Dress – $29.00

6) Oscar de la Renta Jigsaw Color Block Blazer (80s) – AU$245.00

7) Herman Kay Mondrian Wool Coat – $42.00

8) White Color Block Box Cut Knit Slouchy Jumper (80s) – Auction (current price $16.00)

9) Color Block Bold Soft Sweater (80s) – $34.00

10) Primary Color Square Oversize Button Down Shirt (90s) – Auction (current price $14.99)

11) Color Block Box Cut Button Down Shirt (80s) – Auction (current price $26.00)

12) Color Block Angora Sweater (80s) – $23.00

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