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Trend Report F/W 12: New York (The Colors)

  • Favourite color combination of all time: blue and black together at last

  • The empery of burgundy continues in all forms, offering an alternative to the ones who find red too radiant and all black outfits too depressing. Just like our favourite drink of all time; poetic and deep, gothic and elegant, can be served hot or cold…

  • Take out your pickax because its time to dig in! Actually forget about the pickax annd just get an excavator: GOLD is everywhere.

  • I don’t know if you like your olives in a Martini, as a pizza topping or as a breakfast serving like we, the Mediterraneans do, one thing for sure is that you are going to gird yourself with olive green this season

  • Oh and, ORANGE you glad that now you can actually wear your favourite winter fruit on you?! Also showing various examples on the streets of New York during fashion week, tangerine tones are the hit of the season

  • And for the ones who are too sexy for burgundy yet too bland for orange, RED is still up for grabs (like there were a season which it hadn’t been)

  • Shades of Turquoise (yes not green or blue, but shades of turquoise) were prevailed among the shows

  • Last but not least, white keeps on dominating winter. Not as in snow, not even as in pieces of white, but like head-to-toe white winter

image source: elle

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