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Sheer Sleeves

Let’s get something out in the open: your arms! Thanks to Marc Jacobs, since the beginning of the Fall 2011 season, no matter how much we conceal ourselves, the arms – we have to display, which is fine because they never actually get cold. As long as your back and chest is covered up, who cares abour the arms, right? Besides the likelyhood of the arm clevage being disturbing is really really low since it is not considered an intimate part of the body so its safe. Last, but not least, it is an excellent option to show off your arm candies whilst dressed up in winter. So come on, who wouldn’t like sheer sleeves?

1) Plum Sheer Sleeves Long Blazer (80s) – $50.00

2) Black and Gold One Piece Jumpsuit With Sheer Sleeves (80s) – $70.00

3) Marc Jacobs F/W 2011-2012

4) Navy Blue Sheer Sleeved Blazer (80s) – $40.00

5) Poppy Red Floral Blouse With Sheer Sleeves (90s) – $36.00

6) Fleur de Lis Monogram Print Blazer with Sheer Sleeves – $34.00

7) Floral Blazer Blouse with Sheer Sleeves (80s) – $30.00

8) Metallic Silver Jacquard Cocktail Dress with Flutter Frill Mesh Sleeves – AU$89.00

9) Delicate Sheer Sleeved Blouse (60s) – $42.00

10) Navajo Embroidered Peter Pan Collar Sheer Sleeved Blouse (70s) – Auction (current price $9.99) or BIN for $175.00

11) Black White Silk Polka Dot Evening Blouse with Sheer Sleeves – AU$49.00

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