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White White Winter

They used to say that you shouldn’t wear white in winter. Actually there is a saying in Turkish, which is impossible to translate right  now but the gist is “only pretentious and clumsy people would wear white in winter”, a saying which my mother still tells me everytime I go out wearing a shield of white as a snow camouflage. However; it is obvious that this belief is out of date, and winterwear is becoming lighter and lighter every season. So, here’s to a white white winter wonderland while there is still hints of snow outside (or snow at the height of a man – hello Europe!)

1) Emil E. Otto Snow Queen Jacket – $75.00

2) Chloe White Arctic Fox Fur Bubble Sleeve Short Coat (80s) – $962.00 (or best offer)

3) Long Mohair Coat (70s) – $88.00

4) Cream Wool Coat (80s) – AU$79.00

5) Einiger %100 Cashmere Coat Ivory Mod Swing Coat (60s) – Auction (current price $101.00)

6) Ivory Waisted Dress Coat (50s) – $112.00

7) Chevron Blonde White Genuine Mink Fur Leather Coat (70s) – $445.00

8) Cream Knit Mod Cape Swing Coat (60s) – $69.99 (or best offer)

9) Cream Wool Hilda Ltd Iceland Nordic Sweater Coat (70s) – $165.00

10) White Fox Fur Coat (70s) – Auction (current price $16.49)

11) Short Cream Coat (60s) – Auction (current price £19.90)

12) Cream Wool Icelandic Sweater Coat (70s) – $54.00

13) Long Winter Cashmere Coat (80s) – $200.00

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Domus Academy MA Fashion Management graduate. Living in Montréal, Quebec. Fashion marketing and PR specialist. Photography & illustration & fine arts enthusiast. Shopaholic, vintage freak, cookie monster.

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