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The Skin I Live In

Either be a vamp or a rocker, a fashionista or a lady, you need to have at least one piece of leather clothing in your closet. Let it be a motorcycle jacket, shorts or a pencil skirt; wearing leather has been extremely common since the 80s, in other words since the beginning of the gothic rocker years. Of course this statement is valid for leather clothing, the material itself has been used for practical or decorative purposes for more than 500 years.

If you want to go safe, prefer a black motorcycle jacket that would basically go with everything. However I advise you to opt for some more interesting choices such as full skirts, beige shorts, burgundy trousers or green jackets. You won’t need anything else to steal the spotlight.

Some people prefer synthetic leather in order to preserve the nature and save animals, but for those who wants to use real leather for quality reasons; I say, at least always use vintage leather so that no more animals would suffer for you (same with fur).

1) Black Leather Cropped Skinny Motorcycle Jacket (80s) – $107.99

2) Leather High Waisted Full Skirt (80s) – $46.00

3) Beige Leather High Waisted Shorts (80s) – $72.00

4) Black Leather Draped Batwing Bodycon Mini Dress (80s) – $146.00

5) Green Leather Motorcycle Jacket (80s) – Auction (current price $14.99)

6) High Waisted Black Leather Knee Lenght Pencil Skirt (80s) – Auction (current price $14.99)

7) Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket – $74.00

8) Black Leather High Waisted Pleated Shorts – $65.00

9) High Waisted Leather Pants (90s) – $115.00

10) Dark Angel Moto Jacket – $214.00

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Domus Academy MA Fashion Management graduate. Living in Montréal, Quebec. Fashion marketing and PR specialist. Photography & illustration & fine arts enthusiast. Shopaholic, vintage freak, cookie monster.

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