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Illusional Harmony by Ece Gözen

Ece Gözen is an Istanbul based fashion designer & illustrator. She just graduated from ‘textile and fashion design’ at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and she is working as an assistant designer at Hakan Yıldırım (Hakaan).

The starting point of Illusional Harmony A/W 2012/13, her graduation project, is M.C. Escher’s art which is heavily inspired by maths and geometry.

More specifically ‘tessellation’, one of Escher’s explorations gave the main inspiration. Based on 3 dimensional cubes, by transforming geometric shapes into design, new forms are created. Perception of the one-piece design as different body forms nested together, represent the physical illusion.

source : ecegozen

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Domus Academy MA Fashion Management graduate. Living in Montréal, Quebec. Fashion marketing and PR specialist. Photography & illustration & fine arts enthusiast. Shopaholic, vintage freak, cookie monster.

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