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Printed Silk Bomber Jacket


You know the kitsch trends that when you look at the old photos you curse yourself for even trying it yet 20 years later it becomes the major hit of the season with the touch of Ricardo Tisci’s magic wand? Which is also followed by Donatella Versace for an H&M collaboration? Yes, we are on the same page if you are thinking printed silk bombers.

After the unfortunate return of shoulder pads, leggings, aviator glasses and neons this was bound to happen eventually. And I say, why pay thousand of dollars on a new one if its already a reflection of the past and will become tacky and lame really soon? (yes I know my way into selling something) Instead, here are your mint vintage options:

1) Lion & Tiger Print %100 Silk Bomber (80s) – $55.00

2) Black and Gold Scroll Work Palmette Zip up (80s) – $58.00

3) Givenchy Bomber Jacket from Fall 2011 Collection

4) Gold Chain & Leopard Print Silk Bomber (90s) – $59.00

5) Giraffe & Cheetah Print Silk Jacket – $45.00

6) Black Gold Horse Print Silk Jacket (80s) – Auction (sp $24.49)

7) Escada Chain & Animal Print Silk Bomber Jacket (80s) – $75.00

8) Lion Print Silk Bomber Jacket – $59.00

9) Versace for H&M Bomber Jacket


  1. That is the thing about classic designs such as the bomber jacket. It may get old, but it never goes away. Vintage jackets, in some cases, cost more than new.

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